Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vodule: Tracing the extension of volume and modularity in 3-D, augmented reality, and emerging media

Vodule, a new project by Yong Kim, Eduardo Navas, Maxx Navas and Ludmil Trenkov, examines the concepts of volume and modularity in media:

"Vodule examines the concepts of volume and modularity in media. We focus on how image, sound and other forms of communication are reinterpreted and extended with the purpose to provide immediate and believable bodily experience. At the moment, it is in Augmented Reality, Gaming, and 3D technology where much research and development is taking place, which is why we take these areas as starting points. Vodule also includes material from more established fields that push the possibilities of representation and communication as we know it.

Vodule is a word that encapsulates “volume” as in actual body or mass, as understood in physical space and simulated in 3D visualization; and “module” as a reference to different parts or objects that can work together but are interchangeable and independent, as defined in computing. Media covered includes Film, Photography, Gaming and all in-between. Reblogs, news feeds, reviews and special features are presented together to enhance the understanding of emerging media.

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