Monday, May 26, 2008

Seeing Double: Emulation in Theory and Practice

Seeing Double: Emulation in Theory and Practice
Guggenheim Museum

DOCAM : Technology Resources Directory

"The Technology Resource Directory provides links to on-line chronologies, histories, and overviews of various media technologies. The technical specifications and user manuals for selected audiovisual technologies are provided as well. It is hoped that these sites will aid researchers in both understanding the artistic possibilities of each medium and evaluating and implementing preservation techniques and technologies."

DOCAM : Technology Resources Directory:

DOCAM Terminology database/tool

DOCAM (Documentation and Conservation of the Media Arts Heritage) Terminology database/tool:

Call for Proposals: MEDIA IN MOTION

The Challenge of Preservation in the Digital Age

October 29, 2008

McGill University
Montreal, Quebec

The DOCAM (Documentation and Conservation of the Media Arts Heritage) Research Alliance and Media@McGill invite submissions of abstracts for the presentation of papers at the inaugural Media in Motion Symposium. The interdisciplinary event aims to bring together graduate students across the sciences, humanities, and social sciences in order to explore the many facets of media art preservation. To that end, submissions related to the conference theme, ”The Challenge of Preservation in the Digital Age,” are strongly encouraged. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

- Archival Practices
- Challenges of Audio, Film, Video, and Digital Media Preservation
- Cultural Influences, Impacts, and Considerations
- Cultural Property Law
- Digital Preservation and Cultural Memory
- Digitization of the Humanities
- Effects on Artistic Practices
- Ethical, Social, and Philosophical Concerns
- Preservation Strategies and Techniques
- Future Trends and Directions

As the symposium will be held in conjunction with the Annual International DOCAM Summit (on October 30-31, 2008, at McGill University), preference will be given to proposals that address issues related to the alliance’s activities. For more information on DOCAM and its mandate, please visit <>.

All presented papers will be considered for publication in an edited volume of the proceedings. Additional information will be provided upon acceptance.

Proposals should include a title; the name, affiliation, and e-mail address of the author; an abstract of 300 words; and a brief statement explaining how the paper fits within the research priorities of DOCAM. Submissions in English or French are welcome. Please send proposals by May 31, 2008 to Marilyn Terzic at

DOCAM is an international research alliance on the documentation and the conservation of the media arts heritage, initiated by the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology. Its main objective is to develop new methodologies and tools to address the issues of preserving and documenting digital, technological, and electronic works of art.

Media@McGill is a hub of research, scholarship, and public outreach on issues and controversies in media, technology, and culture. Based in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University, Media@McGill is supported by a range of sources, most notably a generous gift from the Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation. For more information, please visit <>.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Inside Installations - glossary

From their description:

"The Inside Installations Glossary is a product of literature search and analysis of lectures and discussions during the project Inside Installations. Preservation and Presentation of Installation Art (2004-2007). In addition, relevant term descriptions from existing vocabularies are included, such as the Art and Architecture Thesaurus, Variable Media Questionnaire and Subject Descriptions from the Catalogue of Netherlands Media Art Institute/Montevideo.

The Inside Installations Glossary provides an insight into the currently used terminology on the preservation and presentation of installation art. Semantic research into this domain is still in its infancy; hence scope notes are not included but in stead a rich compendium of quotations for around 100 terms has been rendered.

To organise selected terms a number of six sub-categories are identified: 1. Typology of installation art; 2. Characteristics of installation works; 3. Identity; 4. Behaviour; 5. Status of the conservation object; 6. Conservation strategies. After clicking a category the according list of terms will appear. A click on a term will present the term’s page.

Each term is provided with one or more quotations and references. A click on the abridged reference will link users to a complete source description of the Glossary’s Bibliography. Related terms are listed in the right margin; its term page will appear after a mousse click.

The Glossary’s Bibliography can be accessed directly from the homepage.

For a number of terms Spanish and Italian translations are included; translated quotations will appear when clicking ‘Spanish’ or ‘Italian’ from the English term page.

Legend: q = quotation; p = paraphrase; t = translation

Creators: Tatja Scholte (Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage) and Lora Markova (intern Maastricht University). Contributors: all project participants from Inside Installations Translation into Spanish: Arianne Vanrell (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia) Translation into Italian: Caterina Paolisso (idem)"

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Artist and Computer (archived)

The Artist and Computer edited by Ruth Leavitt (1976) as archived by

Digital Art (first exhibitions) - Frieder Nake

1965.02.05 - 1965.02.19
Georg Nees
Studien-Galerie University of Stuttgart

1965.04.06 - 1965.04.24
A. Michael Noll & Bela Julesz
Howard Wise Gallery New York

1965.11.05 - 1965.11.26
Frieder Nake & Georg Nees
Galerie Wendelin Niedlich Stuttgart

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Waves - The Art of the Electromagnetic Society

PHOENIX Halle Dortmund, May 10 - June 29, 2008

"Wireless communication is, in this day and age, a given in all realms of society. Yet what manner of artistic potential is presented by the electromagnetic waves perpetually enveloping us today? And how might these influence our psyche?

From 10 May through 29 June 2008 the Hartware MedienKunstVerein Dortmund (HMKV) is presenting – in cooperation with the Ars Electronica, Linz (European Capital of Culture 2009) and with RIXC, Riga – the exhibition Waves – The Art of the Electromagnetic Society in the PHOENIX Halle Dortmund."


Robert Adrian X / Norbert Math (AT)
Michael Aschauer (AT)
Erich Berger (AT)
Bureau d'Etudes (F)
Jonah Brucker-Cohen (USA)
Paul DeMarinis (USA)
Evelina Domnitch / Dmitri Gelfand (BY/RU/NL)
Mark Fischer (USA)
Bulat Galeyev (RU)
Joyce Hinterding / David Haines (AUS)
Hivenetwork (GB)
Derek Holzer (USA)
Martin Howse (GB)
Luke Jerram (GB)
Voldemars Johansons (LAT)
Aaron Kaplan / Doron Goldfarb (AT)
Jacob Kirkegaard (DK/ D)
Bas van Koolwijk (NL)
Anthony McCall (USA)
Marko Peljhan (SLO)
Oskars Poikans (LAT)
Julian Priest (NZ)
Martins Ratniks / Clausthome (LAT)
Scanner (GB)
Nina Sobell (USA)
Adam Somlai-Fischer (HU) / Usman Haque (GB) / Danil Lundbäck (SE) / Bengt Sjölen (SE)
Take 2030 (F/GB)
Evamaria Trischak (AT)
Udo Wid (AT)
Franz Xaver (AT)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Saturday May 10
7 - 10 PM

H3X3N, a crew of computer witches and artist-hackers will cast spells
on unsuspecting computers at DEADTECH with their IX project this
Saturday May 10. IX is an enchanted cube that glows and sings as it
casts spellwares on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers, hacking
and hexing these operating systems. IX contains nine randomly
executed spells, set free by shaking a glowing cube that sings in
it's own magical language. IX combines traditional stage magic tricks
and irony as elements of Hacker culture to create an Interactive
Installation and Software Art project. The first build of IX was
developed by H3X3N during the Interactivos? exhibition at the Media
Lab Madrid and this current version is being designed and developed @
DEADTECH in Chicago.

H3X3N, a collaborative computer witchcraft club from Chicago, IL .US,
Mexico City .MX and Linz .AT, is currently composed of Mark Beasley,
Sandra Rosas Ridolfi, jake elliott, tamas kemenczy, Alex Inglizian,
Nina Wenhart and jonCates.

DEADTECH: art and technology center and gallery
3321 W. Fullerton Ave. Chicago IL 60647