Monday, September 29, 2008

Audiovisual Composition by Mick Grierson

Audiovisual Composition by Mick Grierson
Soundrugs I | Soundrugs II

Soundrugs (a misleading title, indeed!) kicks out audiovisual inertia and related issues, with the presentation of the artist/researcher Mick Grierson. It is not very common to see artists working closely and appreciating sound and moving image in equal terms. Sound and image in isolation are completely different entities in contrast when they are combined, mixed-up together. Their relationships are intricate enough to create a specific mode of perception that of audio-vision. This particular perceptive mode that was termed audio-vision by Michel Chion is explored by people like Grierson in his live performances and compositions. Let’s leave Grierson himself to present some of the concepts behind Audiovisual Composition.

The relationship between sonic and visual material is complex. Essentially, both sonic and visual material yield effects of their own when experienced in isolation. These effects are difficult to discuss in themselves, let alone in combination. Chion states that when combined, new effects are apparent. This makes the process even more complex. Despite this, difficulties regarding the interpretation of audio and visual material do not prevent artists from exploring that material. However, audiovisual composition which exploits structural relationships by its nature rises out of a desire to understand the combined audiovisual effect.


Rites of Remediation - Carl Diehl (September 13, 2008)

"The commercial success of any new technology relies on remediation... The liminal processes of recombination and re-use, of errors, uncertainty and experimentation exist in the increasingly hurried twilight time... Techno-rites involve deploying heightened attention to the limitations of one medium, thus setting the stage for the premature arrival of the “New.” Memories of the margins, of errors as wanderings and wonderings are obscured..."


Rites of Remediation - Carl Diehl (September 13, 2008)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ars Electronica 2008 - podcasts available online

the podcats of this year's ars electronica festival are now available online (

what you will find there:
- the prix ars electronica forums: the winners of the categories interactive art, hybrid art, digital communities, computer animation and digital musics present their projects and discuss it with the audience
- the festival conference: dealing with the topic of "a new cultural econpmy", basically discussing copyright issues from various points of view
- the boltzmann conference: participants discuss issues of interactive art

at the moment, there are only the mp3 files, if you return to the website in about a month, you will also be able to download the webcasts

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Prix Ars Electronica Forum

Jury members and the winners of the various categories of the Prix Ars Electronica will give presentations and discuss their work with the audience.

These presentations will be streamed as well, below you will find the schedule for the panels:

- Hybrid Art - 7.09.2008, 10:30 - 11:30 MEZ
with: Richard Kriesche (AT) - Member of the Jury;Helen Evans (FR/UK), Heiko Hansen (FR/DE), Yann Marussich (CH), Julius Popp (DE)

- Interactive Art - 7.09.2008, 11:30 - 13:00 MEZ
with: Sonia Cillari (IT) - Member of the Jury; Julius von Bismarck (DE), Jeff Lieberman, Dan Paluska (US), Norimichi Hirakawa (JP)

- Digital Musics - 7.09.2008, 14:00 - 15:30 MEZ
with: Paul D. Miller (US) - Member of the Jury; Sergi Jordà (ES), Günter Geiger (AT), Martin Kaltenbrunner (AT), Marcos Alonso (ES), hans w. koch (DE), Teri Rueb (US)

- Digital Communities - 7.09.2008, 15:30 - 17:00 MEZ
with: Isaac Mao (CN) - Member of the Jury; Wu Yuanjing (CN), Jeana Frost (US), David Sasaki (US)

- Computer Animation - 7.09.2008, 17:00 - 18:30 MEZ
with: Jürgen Hagler (AT) - Member of the Jury; Chris Lavis (CA), Maciek Szczerbowski (CA), Jason Walker (CA), Taku Kimura (JP), Amael Isnard (FR), Manuel Javelle (FR), Clément Picon (FR)

Ars Electronica Festival 2008

Today, Thursday the 4th of September, the 29th Ars Electronica Festival starts in Linz, Austria. This years's topic "A new cultural economy - The limits of intellectual property" deals with copyright issues and open access.

For everyone who can't be there in person, Ars offers webcasts and podcasts of the various symposia and conferences. The program can be found here:

For webcasts go here:,
for podcasts follow this link: