Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"collecting and presenting born-digital art" (conference documentation website)

documentation of the 2012 baltan laboratories conference "collecting and presenting born-digital art" (Eindhoven, December 2012) and a growing resource about digital art curation & preservation issues, circulating around the event's five main topics of writing histories, aesthetics, exhibiting, collecting, and collaboration. contributors include (among many others) Christiane Paul, Edward Shanken, Annet Dekker, Sarah Cook and Ben Fino-Radin.

Alex May, "On the Preservation of Digital Art" (2012)

"you don't see ice-sculptors requiring buyers to have refrigerated galleries"

May writes about preservation issues of digital art from the perspective of an artist, providing examples of his own experience and of other artists such as Marina Abramovic, asking questions of materiality and code, the longevity of the art work itself and the preservation of the presentation context/experience.

(full article on, May 2012)