Friday, October 26, 2007

ETC's Video History Project

by Sherry Miller Hocking and Mona Jimenez

This is an introduction to preserving video, that covers all aspects from history, management, handling of tapes, cataloguing, cleaning to copyright issues. A lot of useful links to institutions that specialize in the various aspects.

Digital Preservation Formats for Video

short summary:
This is a case study about different formats and file wrappers for digital video preservation.
They recommend jpeg2000 (a lossless compression, scalable) as the codec and either MXF or AAF as wrappers.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

book: Reflections on Creativity

Reflections on Creativity: Exploring the Role of Theory in Creative Practices
Duncan of Jordanstone College, 2007, ISBN 1 899 837 566

Monday, October 15, 2007

Media Art Glossaries


Electronic Arts Intermix:

Association of Cinema & Video Laboratories:

Video History Project: Preservation Terms

Video History Project: Video Terms

national film and sound archive:

Memoriav (page 26ff):

rhizome vocabulary (rhizome terms and atrist terms):

The Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus:


universal preservation format glossary:

The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC):
definitioins of preservation terminology

A Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology:

GLOBE - GLOssar zur BEstandserhaltung:

Magic and Technology

This is a good overview on the history of magic and technology, about time when they were indistinguishable or when the borders were still blurry.

Pictorial History of Media Technology

The Dead Media Manifesto, Bruce Sterling

"The new media environment is aswarm with lumbering toothy digital mammals. It's all lynxes here, and gophers there, plus big fat venomous webcrawlers, appearing in Pleistocene profusion."

The Analytical Language of John Wilkins, Jorge Luis Bourges

Acording to a certain Chinese Enzyclopedia animals are divided into:

"(a) belonging to the emperor, (b) embalmed, (c) tame, (d) sucking pigs, (e) sirens, (f) fabulous, (g) stray dogs, (h) included in the present classification, (i) frenzied, (j) innumerable, (k) drawn with a very fine camelhair brush, (l) et cetera, (m) having just broken the water pitcher, (n) that from a long way off look like flies."

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