Monday, September 29, 2008

Audiovisual Composition by Mick Grierson

Audiovisual Composition by Mick Grierson
Soundrugs I | Soundrugs II

Soundrugs (a misleading title, indeed!) kicks out audiovisual inertia and related issues, with the presentation of the artist/researcher Mick Grierson. It is not very common to see artists working closely and appreciating sound and moving image in equal terms. Sound and image in isolation are completely different entities in contrast when they are combined, mixed-up together. Their relationships are intricate enough to create a specific mode of perception that of audio-vision. This particular perceptive mode that was termed audio-vision by Michel Chion is explored by people like Grierson in his live performances and compositions. Let’s leave Grierson himself to present some of the concepts behind Audiovisual Composition.

The relationship between sonic and visual material is complex. Essentially, both sonic and visual material yield effects of their own when experienced in isolation. These effects are difficult to discuss in themselves, let alone in combination. Chion states that when combined, new effects are apparent. This makes the process even more complex. Despite this, difficulties regarding the interpretation of audio and visual material do not prevent artists from exploring that material. However, audiovisual composition which exploits structural relationships by its nature rises out of a desire to understand the combined audiovisual effect.


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