Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jane Veeder interviewed by criticalartware (2003)

"Multiple histories are great; the problem you have is when there's no history. The discourse on, what do you want to call it, electronic art, digital art, didn't really start until 1990. Before that it was Art History majors who had done their thesis on an Abstract Expressionist painter, deciding that their niche was going to be writing about Video Art. And then they thought they had a handle on video and then it started going digital. So that got really confusing. You would get these articles that were reportage, they weren't any kind of real analysis or critical insight because they just weren't makers themselves. Dan Sandin said, 'Computer Art is unusual because you can't understand it just by looking at it.'" - Jane Veeder.

Jane Veeder interviewed by criticalartware (2003.09.29)

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