Thursday, August 9, 2007

thougths about our workinprograss

for media art histories blog

- continued work, work in progress, school magazine that develops, "lehrbuch", not about completion
- but: structure will develop / emerge over time
- little fragments
- stuff we find on the way to something else, that are interesting, but usually just kept in the favourite links and are never looked at again
- person who collects puts tags on it
- tags also develop over time
- other collectors can make suggestions to change or add tags

content / field:

- find stuff (websites, texts, images, multimedia assets, comment or write about it and add image (elaborated linklist)
- timeline, slowly, step by step
-- timeline of people
-- timeline of tools
-- general timeline??? (trends in culture/art, technology/science, society, philosophy, political reasons?)
- bibliography (theory and fiction) + filmography
- text excerpts, video excerpts, audio
- how and which production tools and skills are useful for working in that field, WS
(- like jon already did: interviews)

instruments / methods:

- define methods of / for media art histories
-- collect and comment useful tools
-- skills (reading, analyzing, collecting,...)

other thoughts:
- preserving, storing, describing, visualizing
- what could be an archeological approach, what is there to "dig" for, how can it be found and excavated?, fragments that might be important later (collect and keep)
- compare with herbologists?????????
- write down authors and describe in short words what they write about (title of books, articles, words used in index,...)
--> that way pile up important vocabulary and find out all different approaches
--> metadata that are assigned while data emerges
--> like types of persons, types of events, ...
--> if a MAH project, can we start with oliver's thesaurus? does that make sense? or should we start and develop stat as we go on?
--> can we do the project analogous to wittgenstein's sprachspiele? simple, clear, rules develop, not everything fixed from beginning?
- categories or keywords and how their use and meaning change over time (modewörter, zeitgeist)
- newsletter as a kind of monthly issue of the blog??? (like magazine: has special categories, so also our research is more focussed)
-- interview artists, theoreticians, people in preservation business,...
-- die schönsten neuenalten funde
-- thrown away
-- portraits of people / projects,...
-- calendar
-- mini-glossary to cut out and start a "zettelbox"
-- a "how to" --> compare to make magazine
-- arch. / pres. techniques and projects and collections in other fields and their goals
-- research on category (could be the stuff we have to do for krems anyway)

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