Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Techno-Historical Collusions

// info via eleni about a transmediale panel

Saturday 2/2
Panel 4: Techno-Historical Collusions: The Making Of A Trojan Horse @ Auditorium

Moderator: Florian Cramer [nl]
Participants: Eva Horn [de], Trevor Paglen [us], Pierre Lagrange [fr], Konrad Becker [at]
At first glance there may seem to be no link between the mystical worlds of witches and medieval Kabballah with the hightech-realities of the space program and ‘Data Trojans’. But – all of them mingle the unexplainable with politics and technology, and apply the fictionalisation of information to achieve narrative goals beyond the confines of their central practice. Space research conspires with military interests, which in turn unleash a multitude of events in the form of media, software and information Trojan Horses. Iconographies, a culture of the belief in speculation and an opacity of reason result where the unseen mechanisms behind an event take a dominant position over reality. Can we therefore challenge the inexplicable and rationalise the theory out of the perception of conspiracy?

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