Monday, January 21, 2008

Informedia - goals

"The Informedia system provides full-content search and retrieval of current and past TV and radio news and documentary broadcasts. The system implements a fully automated process to enable daily content capture, information extraction and storage in on-line archives by applying artificial intelligence and advanced systems technology. The current library consists of a 1,500 hour, one terabyte library of daily news captured over the last two years and documentaries produced for public television and government agencies. This prototype database allows for rapid retrieval of individual video paragraphs which satisfy an arbitrary spoken or typed subject area query based on the words in the soundtrack, closed-captioning or text overlaid on the screen. There is also a capability for matching of similar faces and images."

(also see post on Aquaint)

that's what they say about their goals:
We will work with content providers to make their materials more accessible, and to study patterns of use of their video by appropriate communities of users. Our goal for unlocking the information embedded in video for easy access by the student, teacher, journalist, scientist or home user has the potential to create video resources with significant educational and commercial value. Our approach of automatically processing large libraries will stress current limits on network and i/o bandwidth, disk space and processor speed. Our focus on video as a searchable resource has broad implications for information gathering and dissemination."

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