Wednesday, January 9, 2008

H.264 vs jpeg2000

Comparison between jpeg2000 and H.264,

"Performance evaluation of Motion-JPEG2000 in comparison
with H.264/AVC operated in pure intra coding mode"

Excerpt of the conclusion

"Motion-JPEG2000 seems to be most suitable for high-quality, high-resolution digital video coding in the field of film postproduction, archiving and distribution, commonly referred to as the ‘Digital Cinema’ chain. In addition, there might be a good chance for Motion-JPEG2000 to be applied in the field of high-resolution medical or satellite imaging.
H.264/AVC, on the other hand, will find its way into applications, where video transmission over potentially error-prone channels with rather limited transmission capacities is the primary task and where the random access of each individual picture is of subordinate importance."

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