Saturday, January 12, 2008


I don't know if this actually works or if it is just a mockup, but it is a great way of visualizing the content of a harddisk:

"When no data is stored on IVY, its skin will remain blank. When you purchase IVY, it appears to be a normal hard disk, but when you start using it by storing data, it will alter its skin visualising the content of the hard disk, using an OLED screen. The representation of the data is abstract and personal. Over time, the content of the hard disk will change and the representation of the data will change along with this. The visualisation of the data is based on Sequoia View.IVY is customization, as its appearance depends completely on your personal data. IVY also shows that manipulability is never ending as it keeps adapting itself over time. The ideal state of IVY is not yet at the beginning of use but will evolve over time."

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