Tuesday, January 8, 2008


short summary of features:
- ISO standard: mpeg-4/AVC (advanced video coding)
- compared with mpeg-2 and same quality: 1/3 of the datavolume, but longer rendering (2-3 times higher)
- integer transformation (4x4 pixel blocks) --> reduces artefacts
- scalable
- multi-picture inter picture prediction
- spatial prediction
- differs from Sorensen3 only in details
- entropy coding: CAVLC and CABAC
- inter- and intraprediction (prediction uses spatially neighboring samples of previously coded blocks)
- multiple reference frames
- 1/4 pixel motion estimation acuracy
- slice types: I, B, P, SI, SP
- used for example with: HD-DVD, Blu-ray, Apples iPod, and Flash Player 9 (since Dec. 2007)

"Der Flash Player 9 soll so mit H.264 kodierte Videos in Form von .mp4-, .m4v-, .m4a-, .mov- und .3gp-Dateien über das NetStream-API wiedergeben können, das schon heute zur Darstellung von .flv-Videos genutzt wird." (http://www.golem.de/0712/56356.html)

(work on that some more!)

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