Sunday, June 15, 2008

Media, Memory and the Archive

Conference on Media Art Archiving, organized by Argos (January 2007)

From the website:
"How will generations after us look back on artistic production of the 20th and 21st centuries? Media formats, operating systems, software and hardware, browsers and the internet as we know it today will have evolved beyond recognition, both in shape and in use. What strategies might be used to transpose technology-based works, variable, hybrid and ephemeral by nature, to an unknown and unpredictable future? How can intent, context and experience be recorded and permanently interpreted? The archiving process does not merely represent an attempt to preserve some notions, it also implicates that others will be forgotten. What is relevant for preservation? What is the impact of used models, technical structures and tools on the construction of cultural memory? How does information travel through time, now that the world is being (re)presented and organised more and more as a database, dynamic and networked? How will museums and other memory institutions cope with these new paradigms and what is the role media artists and we ourselves might have in the structuring of public memory?"

participants include Charlie Gere, Josephine Bosma, Oliver Grau, Wolfgang Ernst, Jean-Francois Blanchette, Richard Rinehart and Steve Dietz

The conference took place at Argos in January 2007.
Unfortuantely, there are no audio- or videofiles available on the net.

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