Monday, June 16, 2008


evaluating scope and content:
when we are evaluating archives of media art, the question is not so much what is included, but what is left out; it is not what the creators themselves tell us about it, but what they are not mentioning that should raise doubt and be a cause for critical investigation.

evaluating methods:
the relation task - method -result
it is not the most important question which methodology you are using and within this method, whose direction you are following or that you are applying someone else's methodology to legitimize your own research. the task itself should legitimize the method and the method should be adequate to deal with the task. looking over the boundaries of a discipline and defining your own set of methods is necessary to deal with media art histories.
a chain of constant, unbroken legitimization only prevents change. it preserves the glory of everyone in that chain. continuity of the chain just makes sure that the gatekeepers keep control and keep themselves and their work historically manifestated, that they will be referenced over and over again and that mankind stays dumb and blindfolded.

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