Sunday, June 29, 2008

Art Torrent

This great blog shows descriptions and stills of artists' films, which are hosted on Because of copyright-restrictions, karagarga is only accessible for registred users. Some of the videos can also be seen on ubuweb.
If you google for karagarga, you will see this note on the bottom of the page:

"Infolge einer Beschwerde, die hinsichtlich des US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (amerikanisches Datenschutzgesetz) bei uns eingegangen ist, haben wir 1 Ergebnis(se) aus dieser Seite entfernt. Sie können die DMCA-Beschwerde, die dieser Entfernung zugrunde liegt, unter lesen."

On the blog you will find an email-tab and you can write to the authors and ask for a karagarga-invitation. In a forum (, it says you should answer the following questions:
a. How did you hear about karagarga? Be as specific as possible.
b. What are your favourite movies? List some specific ones. How about books, albums and artists?
c. What do you have to offer for our community?
d. What kind of material are you looking for?
e. Do you know how ratio-based trackers work?
f. Are you connectable?
g. Which other private trackers are you on?
h. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Karagarga has its own forum:
You have to register to contribute

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