Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dan Sandin demonstrates the Sandin Image Processor

Dan Sandin demonstrates the Sandin Image Processor in his "5 Minute Romp Through the IP" video from 1973. The Sandin Image Processor is a general purpose patch-programmable analog computer optimized for video (+ audio) information processing and synthesis developed from 1971 - 1973 by Dan Sandin in Chicago.

In 1973, Phil Morton asked Dan Sandin if he could build the first copy of Sandin's original Sandin Image Processor. Sandin and Morton then began to work together to create the schematic plans for the Sandin Image Processor, a document they called the Distribution Religion. Through The Distribution Religion, Sandin open sourced his Sandin Image Processor, giving the plans away for only the cost of making Xerox copies and mailing them while incorporating any additions or modifications made by those who built their own Sandin Image Processor into any further releases of the Distribution Religion.

Morton developed an approach he called COPY-IT-RIGHT, an anti-copyright approach to making and freely sharing Media Art. The Distribution Religion and Morton's individual and collaborative Media Art works were released under his COPY-IT-RIGHT license. COPY-IT-RIGHT encouraged people to make faithful copies, caring for and distributing the work as widely as possible. - jonCates

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