Friday, June 13, 2008

Emotoscope as a media archaeological approach...

the Emotoscope by kenichi okada seems to be a project that takes the media archaeological approach of Erkki Huhtamo. As Huhtamo wrote in his 1995 txt Resurrecting the Technological Past, New Media Artists who take media archaeological approaches scan "technocultural forms, moving back and forth in time". the physical form of the Emotoscope + the formation of the media made w/the device both recast the past, but the question remains the extent to which the Emotoscope articulates itself + thereby positions the artist + those behind the camera nostalgically... - jonCates

Emotoscope - kenichi okada (2007)

"Emotoscope is a device that gives you an experience of missing time." - kenichi okada

"Emotoscope, for example, is a sort of portable camera device, which is capable of changing the viewpoint of whomever films, hence presenting the footage under a different light. What actually happens is that Emotoscope playbacks the video in a grainy, silent movie style, casting onto the image a feel of ancient marvelous stories, which are still impressed onto the very minds of the people who experienced them." - Tony Canonico in :: media culture, hacktivism

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