Sunday, February 20, 2011

book on visitor research

> This major new 500-page handbook distils the exceptional insights and
> advice
> of one of the world's leading thinkers in the field of visitor studies,
> Stephen Bitgood, a pioneer in the field of social design.
> Spanning both theory and practice, it is guaranteed to have cultural
> professionals thinking afresh about the fundamentals of their
> organisation's
> interface with the public. Its insights are crucial to understanding the
> learning process in museums and cultural organisations - and an essential
> step towards enhancing their effectiveness.
> For all the information about the book, the author, the full contents list,
> and to order, please visit:
> Among the many key topics covered in the book's highly practical,
> advice-packed 46 chapters are:
> * An Overview of the Methodology of Visitor Studies
> * Designing Effective Exhibits: Criteria for Success
> * Assessing the Readability of Text
> * Sampling for a Visitor Survey
> * Practical Guidelines for Developing Interpretive labels
> * Principles of Orientation and Circulation
> * The Role of Simulated Immersion in Exhibitions
> * Social Influences on the Visitor Museum Experience
> * Suggested Guidelines for Interactive Exhibits
> * The Effects of Instructional Signs on Museum Visitors
> * Multicultural Pluralism and Visitor Evaluation
> * Ten factors that influence your visitors
> Throughout, the emphasis is on achieving better real-world results and on
> effective implementation

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