Friday, May 22, 2009

legendary operating systems

article about ten meanwhile historical operating systems on TecChannel:

The text is in German, but even for non-German speakers it is worth taking a look at the beautiful screenshots!

VisiCorp Visi On

Mac OS System 1.0

Xerox Alto


  1. One of the most legendary and earliest os'ses without any doubt is RTS-80, which was a multi-task/multi-user system for Z80/Z800/Z8000 and 16032/32032 Systems. It was a real dream system with legendary speed. Till today you find links to it in the net.

  2. Yes, RTS-80 was awfully good even compared to todays systems. It was produced by Bitsch Computersysteme who owned the trademark "Mico Systems". There are even today some systems still running in Russia and India (it seems China too, google!) in 2009.