Friday, February 20, 2009

new online journal on New Media Art - Past, Present, Futures from Australia

Media-Space Journal

Media-Space Perth Inc is a non profit arts organisation, dedicated to the development, production and promotion of experimental electronic arts research. Media-Space began as an experimental art group established in Perth, Western Australia, in February 1981. The initial Media-Space group met weekly to develop a series of artistic resources in the form of an ‘ArtsLab’ concept. Media-Space was also part of the first global link-up with artists connected to ARTEX.

In 2002, Media-Space reformed as a collective of artists and academics committed to the research and development of living and electronic art. Currently, Media-Space facilitates workshops, lectures and presentations of current research from artists, PhD and Masters students. Media-Space offers cross-institutional research opportunities by providing resources and critical advice to the research and development of local electronic art projects.

Broadly, the aims of Media-Space are:

  • to define a cross-institutional hybrid database focusing on collaborations between art and science.
  • to develop processes of critical interrogation which identify and define areas of arts research.
  • to nurture National and International collaborations.
  • to explore processes of collaboration in the area of high-end research in living and electronic art.

Through the establishment of the online Media-Space Journal, Media-Space continues its role in the dissemination of emerging art and critical interrogation of electronic and digital arts culture. The Media-Space Journal is a peer-reviewed international journal of both scholarly and artistic contributions that explore the issues and ideas which are of interest to the local, national and international network of electronic, digital, experimental and new media artists. The journal encourages critical and speculative interventions in the debate and discussions concerning the production and critique of new media art forms. Read more →

The Media-Space Journal encourages submissions that extend research into critical and investigative networked theories, knowledges and practices.

ISSN: 1449 - 1443
Published in Australia
The journal is peer reviewed as per section 4.3.4 of the HERDC Specifications.

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