Saturday, August 11, 2007

an Anne-Marie Schleiner quote

"TM: As a game maker, artist, and teacher, how do think we can best prepare our students to engage fully with digital culture? How can universities best respond to the widespread popularity of computer games and to the increasing importance of online worlds? Put differently, how can we help our students to become better citizens in an information age?

I think we need to prepare students with both an interdisciplinary approach and a disciplinary approach. Gaming programs should integrate gender studies, film and television theory, computer science, sociology, digital art, and cultural studies into computer gaming curriculums, (and allow for different emphases.) We also need to discover what would be specific to a discipline of game design and gaming studies. Developing such an interdisciplinary and also disciplinary program would allow for a common language to be shared among programmers and artists, as well as informing gaming culture in general. There is much territory yet to be explored and we should prepare our students to better understand both the history and context of current genres as well as providing them with technical, visual, and conceptual toolsets for new areas of innovation."


"Patched In: A Conversation with Anne-Marie Schleiner about Computer Gaming Culture" by Tara McPherson 2003

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